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Eye health is an important part of overall health. It’s crucial to childhood development and independent aging for adults. Most people depend on clear vision. It helps them participate in their occupation, hobbies, and even to perform most everyday tasks.

Recognising the need for a product not only essential to the baby boomers but also the generation Z. Aiivision is established in 2022 with a mission to bring the best products available for the human eye.

Combined with the six essential ingredients, we are confident that this german formulated product helps restore the eye health and hereby restore your confidence in having a clear vision.



Sodium Hyaluronate

Moisturizes dry eyes with lasting effect


Contains whitening and antioxidant properties to reduce macular degeneration

Hamamelis Virginiana

Restores the retina and relieves eye discomforts such as blood blockage in the eyes, swollen eyes, eyelid bumps, etc.

Methyl Glucose

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to prevent eye irritation


Supplies nutrients to the eyes; filter harmful substances; prevent overexposure to blue light, ultraviolet rays and radiation


1. The micro-molecular activation technology can reverse the damaged cells of the eyeball

2. The cutting-targeted repair technology is as minimal as one of ten thousandth of a hair, and it can quickly clear the capillaries of the eyes, to play a role.

Visible Effects in 5 minutes

Relieves redness, dry eyes and fatigue, Eye brightening, Eye muscle relaxing, Wrinkle prevention, Eye bags prevention, Revitalising


Twice a day;

Two drops each time;

The effects remain 8-12 hours.

Every bottle must be finished within 30 days.


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